Monday, January 28, 2008


Sunday morning, around 9:00, snow began to fall. Now, it's been spitting snow here & there over the last week, but nothing was sticking. Even though it had rained all night, this snow was coming down so fast & thick, after a while it did stick.

After an hour, the grass was much lighter.

After two hours, Connor was ready to go play outside in the snow.

Our house is on a hill, and all day we watched people driving on a very slippery slope. Some would keep the brakes on, slide about 10 feet, and then ease off the brakes to move again in kind of a cycle like that.

Lee went out to try help clear the road for some neighbors, but even after the road was scraped, they still couldn't get enough purchase to get up. One neighbor just left his car down the hill.

We have eggs, milk, flour... I don't need to go anywhere!


keeka said...

ok WOW.
From the before photo to the after photo was just 2 hours? WOW.
That is all I can say, I will have to show the kids when they come home from school!

Tina said...

I will post more photos from today. Connor's already outside again at 9:30...