Tuesday, January 01, 2008

3 out of 4 ain't bad - And Happy New Year!

Today we took Daniel (who arrived to visit yesterday) to hunt for four geocaches around town. The first one, at the library was as elusive as it's been since we tried to find it over a year ago - I think today was the 4th try on that one *sigh*

However, we were able to find all three remaining caches in a row. The first was close to Lee's first job here, hiding in the base of a streetlamp.

The second was in a retaining wall, but I ran out of juice on my camera, so I don't have a shot of that. But we grabbed a Travel Bug that is trying to get to Pawni, India, so we'll have to move that along - I think maybe to a cache closer to the freeway?

The third was a good find today - it's along a nature trail by our grocery store, and in the summer, a lot of transients "live" there. However in the winter, it's not so bad - plus all the underbrush being dead made it easier to locate the bin. We even finally dropped off the Travel Bug we'd had since, oh, MAY! We traded it for a Anaheim DUCKS keychain that people are supposed to hide in caches by duck ponds - and then take photos of the duck pond to help log the journey. Since we were right next the grocery store, I could get batteries for my camera & fulfill that part of the cache request. Now I have to find another duck pond cache....


keeka said...

sounds like fun! I still don't have a gps thingy so I guess geocaching will have to wait for us right now.
Oh well, that is ok.
And yes, 3 out of four ain't bad!

Lee said...

I love the pict of the pond sunset. Its my new background

keeka said...

it is cool, was it cool? Weather wise?
Looks like everyone was in jackets and such. Aaah, winter weather...sigh...not much of that here. Kaleigh and Cole are in pants and t's.

Tina said...

It was pretty cool. Not freezing, but wintery, yeah.

I was just happy it was dry enough to go out. Yesterday & today we've had a lot of rain.