Monday, January 21, 2008

General Silliness

As you can see by the date, this is a few weeks ago. After we got Trevor off to school, we spent a lot of Epiphany undecking the tree.

This year, we brought the tree in a little too soon. The needles just fell off as soon as you brushed against them already at Christmas.

Once the decorations were off, Connor & Diana had all kinds of fun running their fingers along the branches to make the needles drop off the tree.

Then we swept them, and then vacuumed them.

Lee snipped off the bare branches and it was pretty easy to contain all the mess to one corner since nothing dropped off the tree pole anymore!


Rocky said...

Our tree didn't drop needles until we tried to de-light it. I gave it lots of water and aspirin(some reason aspirin keeps plants going longer.
Hopefully next year we can join in the great tree hunt.

keeka said...

Well, ours lasted longer than yours? Wow! Oh well, ours started dropping needles right AFTER Christmas, but nothing like yours!
We are still thinking about a fake tree for next year, but I could no longer find the one I wanted online. I missed my chance. I do really like the smell of a real tree!