Saturday, January 05, 2008

Back to School

This afternoon we brought Trevor to the Amtrak station in Eugene to send him back to school. He's taking the train, which is about a four-hour trip, and then he can grab a taxi back to school.
I mentioned before that OIT has a support system in place for kids that need it, but Trevor hadn't qualified for it because his grades & test scores had been too high. Well, now they're not -(not going there). However, he should be able to utilize the program this term.
I'm wondering if there's a way he can petition to keep his scholarships, if he's much more successful this term. It will prove that he really DID need assistance from the get go. He had been on an IEP (individualized education plan) from Jr. High on, because of his Asperger's Syndrome. Because he had a LOT of support with staff and his parents, he was able to get good grades. His scholarships require a B average & 15 units per semester. He can bring back the GPA, but I don't know about the units.
I really think it was a losing set up for him. Without any support and on his own completely - was really asking more than he could manage. Part of his autism is a delayed maturity. In many ways, Trevor processes emotional and behavioral things much closer to a kid of say, 14. No one in their right mind would send a 14-year-old off to a college with no support.
Now, once we found out the support system was NOT available, it really was Trevor that insisted he could manage by himself. I wanted to keep him home (have him attend community college here). Lee wanted him to have the chance to prove himself. Trevor was the deciding vote there. He was 18, and really, it's his money.
So now we have to play the parent card again. This is his 2nd chance. If he can get into the program, focus and be successful, great. That's what we want. That's why we're letting him go back. This time around, we will insist on more contact. Last time, we let him initiate so he wouldn't feel smothered. We're just gonna go ahead & smother this time.
This is his do-or-die term.
Good luck, son.
(and I had to drive home in SNOW from Eugene - ugh!)


keeka said...

I hope he does well, we will be praying for him!
Good Luck to Trevor (and mom and dad too) You guys are doing a great job!
Keep up the good work!

keeka said...

I am in the easy stage of parenting I think. Other than a little bit of sassing from Kaleigh (in a more goofy way) things are going well. And you don't need to tell me it gets harder, EVERYONE is telling me this!

- Rob said...

I heard it summarized nicely one time: little kids = little problems, big kids = big problems.

Lee said...

Just talking to other parents with kids around Trevors age.

Going to Collage is better then working minimum wage.

Doing poorly due to the various resons here is better then drug\booze related doing poorly.

One lady at works son came home and announced his GF (age 16) has something in common with Jamie Lynn Spears....

All in all. Could be worse. mucho...

Anonymous said...

wow.....he really did get a gut huh? love nae p.s. i still think he is HOT