Sunday, January 27, 2008

Make Up!

Connor found Diana's mascara yesterday. He didn't come & show me anything, I just noticed the make up on his face, shirt, hands, etc.

He 'cleaned up' in the bathroom with the tan striped towel (it washes out easily).

So he got a bath last night.

I expect most parents would have a very different reaction to ours if their (almost) 10-year-old boy decided to put on mascara.

With us it was more along the lines of
Me: "Okay. You need to take a bath tonight. What is on your face?"

Connor: "Make up!"
Me: "Are your eyes okay?"

Connor: "Yes. All finished. Go Mommy."

Me: "Okay. You will take a bath tonight."

Connor: "Okay."

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keeka said...

Yeah, when Cole was about 3 I painted Kaleigh's toe nails with little snowmen and he wanted little snowmen on his toes too, so I did it and he loved it! Carl wasn't overly enthused about it but hey the kid was three! So if Cole would come up with make up on his face I would probably laugh and wash it off!