Monday, January 14, 2008

Kamperdoodle 2008 - Saturday

Saturday morning after breakfast, it turned out most of the girls had some kind of homework to do this weekend, so they did a little study hall. The other girls played music and had fun with board games.
After lunch a group of us headed into Bandon to go and sample Cranberry Sweets treats, shop, and do some geocaching.
I like the wine jellies at Cranberry Sweets, so I got a bag of those for me, and some regular cranberry ones for Lee. (Diana also likes the wine jellies...)
This spider sculpture is in front of a store with metal crafted stuff. Funny.
Diana is leading everyone along (not very noticeable to the muggles, huh?) with the GPS in hand. The clue said "hope you are enjoying Bandon" - lol.

And then this is where Amanda stepped wrong and wound up either spraining or fracturing her ankle! My first time as a GS leader having to go to the hospital.

She kept up a good front for a while (we didn't know she'd hurt herself), but after the pain got too intense, we took her in.
Her folks came & got her and her gear. Poor Amanda!


mary said...

i like my face in the spider one.


Anonymous said...

oh poor manda....i remember hearing about it love nae