Monday, January 14, 2008

Kamperdoodle 2008 - Friday Night

This is at a pizza place in Coquille where we stopped to get soda & use the facilities.

Diana & Amanda HAD to get a photo with the little car here, because it's the exact same plastic car that was on the playground at their elementary school! (minus the motor & vending machine part).

Then Mary had to fly in the spaceship - Amanda is being lost in space.

We arrived at our yurts around 7:00 or so after loading up at home and stopping at Taco Bell for dinner.
I wound up in the yurt with the girls because all the other troops were so small, the leader yurt would have been the only one with people sleeping on the ground. Three of us had 3 or less girls, so we bunked with them.

I had brought a game I got at Christmas called "Bananagrams" which turned out to be as popular as Uno (which no one remembered to bring). We also played Apples to Apples with some girls that came to our yurt to visit. Got to bed around 11:00 I think. It poured all night, but we were nice & warm in the yurt.

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yep thats my troop playing on the little kid will be like that nae