Monday, January 07, 2008

Diana's Long-term Art Project

I can't link the video quite yet - it has to be in a different format to put here.

Now, personally, I think this whole thing was pretty ambitious. This is not a format she's used to using, and it's very different drawing comic pages vs. doing flash movie. The closest I can get to describing it would be a stop-frame animated movie. She had to draw each frame individually and consistency is something you acquire over time.

She had about 2 weeks to do this, and she had decided on a full-length song to do her flash animation. A 30-second piece would have been a lot easier, but once she got going, she wanted to finish it.

Overall, I'd say she spent over 80 hours on this. If you want to leave a comment here, I'll relay it to her. In her words, though, she's "a total noob" at this kind of thing. :)

Here's the link for now:


keeka said...

Ok,wow. Kaleigh and I watched most of it together. Kaleigh started doing the little dance the guy does half way thru! Hee hee. She thought it was really good, so did I. Again, Wow!

Tina said...

It's called "Carmeldansen" and Connor does it too :)

- Rob said...


That went way beyond what I expected when I read the intro. I was extremely impressed -- good job! I can't wait to show the girls at home.

Rocky said...

Oh my gawd! That was so awesome. Sue and I were very Impressed. If that is what she can do on chocolate, maybe we should offer to pay her in that medium instead of cash lol! Again, tell her we were WOWed