Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Front View & New Year's Eve

I've had a couple of shots from inside the house of Diana's window painting.

I thought I should post how it looked from outside.

With & without the curtains drawn.

Diana is trying to avoid her dad's hand coming at her in the bottom photo...

For New Year's Eve, we went over to Rocky & Sue's place for Pizza & tasty homemade caramel popcorn - yum!

We watched the Simpson's movie & celebrated the New York New Year (at 9:00) because they have little kids and don't get to sleep if they stay up too late!

We came back to our house & still had munchies & wound up staying awake to Pacific New Year too. We toasted with Sparkling Cider & Lee banged a pot outside to wake up the neighbors that weren't already roused from their slumber by all the fireworks being set by yet the other neighbors! Fun! Happy New Year!

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keeka said...

Well, Happy New Year to you too! We didn't stay up, Carl fell asleep on the couch, the kids were in bed by 10:00 after playing a bunch of our newer games. I went to bed at 10:35 or so, put my ear plugs in and had a great nights sleep! So not even banging on a pot would have woken me up! I know from past experience that our neighbors like making noise too. I am the only one it bothers so that is why the ear plugs. Party pooper me!