Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Weekend Escape (part 3)

The Mcmenamin's Edgefield used to be a poor house. Donna & Jim obliged me when I asked them to stand in front of the plaque and "look poor." This photo makes me laugh every time I look at it.

There were these nice, big verandas on three sides of the hotel. They all had the adoirondack chairs and big rockers, and people gathered here for coffee in the morning, reading the paper in the afternoon, or visiting with friends in the evening. We were all just checking out.
Here's Doug on the little balcony he & Myrna had which overlooked the veranda from the previous photo.

Myrna took this shot of Lee & I. Doesn't Lee look good? I just rolled out of bed & went to breakfast, so that's my first-thing-in-the-morning look. Don't worry, I've been camping enough that I don't stress over it. I just wanted a LONG shower when I got home, vs. a quick one in the dorm showers :)

It was a really good weekend & we shouldn't wait 11 years to do this again :)


keeka said...

Sheesh sistol, if I looked that good rolling out of bed in the morning, I wouldn't bother with make-up. Unfortunately, I would scare animals and small children if I didn't. My hair alone would freak people out! Sheesh!
You and Lee are looking really good, congratulations!

mkhess said...

Enjoyed your blog and took the time to watch Diana's "make over"--at first I thought they were exploiting her, but by the end I could see the many ways she grew and benefitted from the experience. I especially like the fact that she continued to be the unique and special person she obviously is while gaining self confidence. Cuzzin Mary Kay

Tina said...

We think the confidence she gained helped her through the interview process for her scholarships as well. She got a 90% full ride, which is why she is attending UofO instead of community college. Actually, she interviewed & would have gotten a 100% scholarship for community college as well, but had to decline since she was going to UofO! She grew a lot in the 6 weeks it took from beginning to end :)