Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Diana's birthday

I think she had fun. She rolled sushi (I helped roll some after the guests started coming), and there was a lot of Rock Band on the Wii.
Diana's friend, Katelyn, made this cool Chococat box with neat sayings in it. Diana did that day-camp for Girl Scouts to help Katelyn out - I think she appreciated it :)

These are the fox notebooks that Corinne (to the left) made for Diana. Foxes are Diana's favorite animal.

Lee & Trevor stayed out of the way (read played WoW), and Connor would come in, check things out, and then run off again. Later when he was more comfortable, he got everyone to come out to the trampoline to jump & fun was had.

Here's the layered 'cake' Diana requested for her birthday. It's cream cheese & whipping cream layered with pound cake & blackberries & blueberries. Yumminess!!


Lisa said...

Oh Yumm!

Can't ever go wrong with cream cheese!

Found your blog by searching for other wowmen, moms who enjoy World of Warcraft. Would love to know more on how you enjoy this game.

I also noticed that you are in TOPS! I was in TOPWS for 6 years until our group disbanded...no one wanted to be manager! I have gained almost all the weight back - 40 lbs+.

Anyway...come by my blog for a visit sometime...love to have ya.


keeka said...

Sound like fun! I didn't know you had Rock Band! That is now Kaleigh and Cole's favorite game!
We are thinking of getting a Wii and for Christmas getting them Rock Band.

Maybe I can get one for Carl's Birthday? Hmmmm....he wouldn't approve...too much money!