Wednesday, August 05, 2009


It's Fair week - where they serve fries as big as your head. Trevor joined me for the Huey Lewis concert tonight. We set down our blanket about 4:00 pm, wandered around the fair & then came back to our spot around 5:30.

No one takes your blanket - although all the little green spaces of grass between the blankets do get filled up with people just sitting on the grass.

The previous photo was 5:30. This was at 7:00 just before the concert started.

Singing "I Want A New Drug" which is my favorite Huey Lewis & the News song.

Singing "It's Alright (to have a good time)" acapella.
The concert went 1 1/2 hours. Good, good concert. I like it when the singer talks to the crowd. Huey said half his band wants to move to Roseburg - and "you folks don't know how lucky you are to live in a gorgeous place like this." (Actually, we do!)


keeka said...

Wow, so cool! I would have loved to see them in concert!
You ARE lucky to live where you are! We have some concerts but Carl and I don't really have the same tastes in music so it makes it hard to want to go. I think even HE would have gone to see these guys!
Glad you had fun! W00t!

prestoffcenter said...

Great report. Sounds like fun.

Cool shirt Trevor. From the beginning of the transition to weirdness period.

Tina said...

Yeah - He was still black in Captain Eo, wasn't he? The Bloom County shirt looks just as threadbare :P They're Trevor's favorite shirts.

Lee said...

This year they made it a rule you have to wear a shirt. (this rule is much better then you would first think **shudder**)

keeka said...

Too funny Lee! What all them dairy farmers ain't built like Arnold in the Terminator days?


They are everywhere....the shirtless wonders....ick.