Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Weekend Escape (part 2)

On Saturday morning, I woke up when Lee got back from jogging to Wal-mart to get some water & stuff.

We went and had breakfast with Kraig & Nancy at the Black Rabbit Restaurant. Lee had said something about going in to Portland to visit Chinatown and some other things, but we wound up visiting with people instead (which was cool - we can do Portland on our own a different time).

The hotel was so interesting all on its own. Many of the rooms are kind of dedicated to the people who used to live there when it was a nursing home, after having been a poor farm. Nancy & I wandered around just looking at all the art & old photos for quite a long time. Lee spent a lot of time just wandering the grounds and checking out all the different areas (when I was still sleeping). Again, the more you wandered, the more you found people you knew to visit with. It was really nice!

The wedding was at 5:30 in the evening. It was pretty warm, so ice water was set out by the hotel staff. The ceremony was lovely. The (air-conditioned) reception hall was right next to the lawn, and we sat at the table right under the cooling vent :) As it was, I think we had the 'fun' table anyway. The bar was free and Lee was on a roll, so we were laughing pretty good.

After the dinner, the DJ's played dance music and Lee & I got to dance for the first time in a long time. There's just not anywhere local for us to do that. Plus, since Lee lost all that weight, he can keep dancing for a long time - it was really fun!

Around 10:00 I think, we headed off to the soaking pool again to relax and unwind. All Lee's sibs & spouses were there, as well as cousin Roger. That closed at 11:00, so Lee & I decided to join Doug & Myrna in the pool hall to try shuffleboard. I hadn't played before. It's on a long table (not the ground like I expected), and you slide the puck-like things across silica sand & try to keep them near the end of the opposite side. You really need a light touch. I think I did okay for a first-timer :)

Then it was off to bed. No ghosts grabbed my ankles that night either.


keeka said...

So you didn't say anything about the pipe person? What is up with that? What is behind it? I thought it was a bird or something, but is it part of the pipe? And why is there a face on it? Esplain please!

Tina said...

Everything is painted, including the elbow joints on the pipes. I don't know what was behind it - that was one of the pipes in our room.

All the doors & pipes had paintings on them. There were also little stories about the former residents of the guest rooms - ours belonged to a gentleman who was a logger who didn't believe in Bigfoot. Heh.

I could have taken many, many photos of the painted decor. Really interesting just to walk through.