Friday, August 21, 2009

Connor's registration

I had a two-day course for Oregon Intervention System, which is for using personal protective measures for me & my clients (students). My new job requires this since our students are often biters, scratchers, hitters, etc. All the techniques I learned are designed to evade and escape without any harm coming to your attacker (who would be the student). It was pretty intense, especially coming off a summer that was pretty light work-wise.

Yesterday, I came home from the training & had to immediately grab Connor to take him to his registration at Jr. High. His actual appointment had been at 10:30, but both Lee & I were working, so they said if you couldn't make your appointment, you could come in the evening.

I think I'm going to do that next year whether or not I can make the assigned time. We had only one family ahead of us for the whole thing, and we were pretty much done in 15 minutes. The photographer for the school photos didn't have anyone in line ahead of us, and she was able to try at least eight different times for a good photo without holding anyone else up. Apparently the wait had been at least 50 minutes during the assigned times.

I also got to take him to say hi to his teacher. She checked his schedule & found a discrepancy, so I was able to go back to the cashier to remove a fee for choir (which won't work this time) in exchange for art class. He will also have Alternative Ed PE.

So - Connor's got his stuff for the first day of school. I still need to work out the details for the bus. His hours are 8:30 to 3:00. I will be working 7:30 to 3:00, Lee works 8:00 to 5:00 or 6:00. Hopefully the bus will pick him up around 7:45, and Lee could still walk or bike to work. If the bus comes for him later, we might be able to drop him off just before 8:00. Either way, both Trevor & Diana are home through most of September since college doesn't start until the 28th of September.

This program for Connor should be a really good fit for him. They do a lot of lifeskills like figuring out a recipe, creating a shopping list, a field trip to the store to buy the ingredients, making the food at school & eating it. That's over 3 days. He will do some kind of trip into the community every Friday - a movie, a park, shopping mall, bowling, whatever. All these experiences will give him more to talk about. The more he talks & comprehends, the better.

I'm excited :)


keeka said...

wow, he sounds like he is becoming a -gulp- teenager!!! Wow, that sounds like a complicated process!
Kaleigh is already a little nervous about going to the other campus for 5th grade! I think I am more nervous than she is! Sniff! Oh well, we will get over it!

Lee said...

Well he has a bit of time

keeka said...

I meant more the process of picking classes and whatnot. Usually, in elementary they just go to school and it goes from there. No choices. Now going into 6th grade there are choices to be made....Kaleigh is going to try to play an instrument this year!


Tina said...

Connor didn't have so much to do with that.. The only thing I was excited for was choir,and it doesn't fit this year anyway.

If Kaleigh is interested in flute, I bet Diana would sell you hers :) We got it used for $200.