Wednesday, August 19, 2009

River Fun

It got to 106 here today (or so they say). Around 3:00, Diana, Connor & I got in the van & headed over to the store for a few snacks. We headed out to the river & cooooooooooooled off!

He's got my feet!!!

Diana earned this little chair in Girl Scouts about - oh - 10 years ago!

Connor's favorite food: SmartFoods white cheddar popcorn.

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keeka said...

Wow, hard to believe that it is hotter than it is here! We actually have had overcast mornings here. The afternoon temps get to be in the mid 80's but it is humid so it feels hotter.
My classroom is not air conditioned right now, so we only go for the first half of the day.
I will post photos of the in between stage. Then the "after" shots.