Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Portrait

Our church likes to create a parish directory with family portraits every now & then. Well, I guess it's every 10 years, because the last one was about 10 years ago :)

We are going to our appointment tonight. We will get a free portrait, probably similar to last time - an oval thing with no frame that fits unless you go to a specific framing store & pay who knows what for a frame. So... we didn't do that last time. We just hung up the oval :P I always meant to get a frame - heck, I could MAKE a frame. I just never got that far.

In any case, we'll sit through the spiel again tonight. I'm sure the photography people have this pretty well figured out. Who can resist a decent family portrait & tons of copies? (well, actually, Lee can - which is why no one got our family portrait the last time - too dang expensive!!).

But here's a scan of the last one. I figure I'm safe scanning it since it's been 10 years!! And look how cute the kids are! Funny thing, I think Lee & I are looking better now than 10 years ago! Ha!


Tina said...

We get the free 8x10, plus we ordered 4 5x7's. 2 for us, and 2 for Lee's mom to remind her who we are ;)

keeka said...

Sounds like a deal.
You are right about you and Lee, you both actually look younger now than back then. You were quite a bit heavier as was Lee, although I haven't seen Lee in person yet with the weight loss. The few photos on the blogs help! That way we won't be traumatized the next time we see you guys!

Re-Navy!! said...

yeah you guys do look better. Your hair is blonde and now shorter. Lee lost the weight. Diana got braces and lost them. I cant WAIT to see this one! We plan on getting our photos done hopefully next paycheck so everyone can see the happy family we are and my every growing belly!

Tina said...

Around Christmas (when they're unpacked again) I'll scan & post all our family Christmas cards since D was a baby. We didn't do a photo card the year T was born - they weren't really that popular yet. I will find something else in place, I guess.

Then you see the progression pretty nicely tho :)

keeka said...

Cool, although I kept all of the ones you sent me...they are around somewhere, probably not all together though, so it will still be a treat to see the progression!

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