Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I got the job :)

Today I called the operations manager, because I knew the job posting had closed on Monday, and I hadn't heard about interviewing yet. I left a message and a short while later, she called me back.

We set up an interview time for tomorrow, and that was that.

A few minutes ago, I got another call from her. The only other person (the one who had seniority over me) had decided to withdraw her interest. That leaves the job for me.

Now all the hoops have been jumped through, and there shouldn't be any more surprises - right??


Myrna said...

Do you still go to the interview?

Congratulations---and a relief I'm sure. I put applications in for 4 different Medford Schools positions---we'll see

Tina said...

I do not need to interview. I'm good :)

Good luck with your applications - I'm sure that stint in Mexico will serve you very well :) Hopefully you'll have your pick of schools :) Good luck!

Rocky said...

I'm so happy that this worked out for you!

flyingvan said...

It's hard to predict surprises.

keeka said...

Great! I am so happy for you!
Did I tell you I got my own room at school? No more sharing! Yay!

So we are both relatively happy with how things worked out!