Monday, August 31, 2009

First day of school 2009

Here's Connor all ready for the first day of 6th grade.
He sat at the window waiting for his bus...

He's at a completely different school - a Junior High - in a new classroom with all new staff. He did get to attend this class last year for the week his regular class was on their 5th grade trip, so it was somewhat familiar.

He was very happy & excited to be going to this class. The teacher emailed me already & let me know he came in asking about going shopping to make cheese sandwiches - which I guess they did when he went that week. So he remembered pretty well.
When I got home today, I asked him, "How was your first day at school?" His answer was, "I love Mrs. Willingham!" That's his new teacher. :) Good start :)


keeka said...

That is so awesome to hear! I am so glad to hear he had a good day!
We did our back to school staff orientation today and something new came up! We actually watched a video about teaching special needs children! I mean it was about 1/2 hour but it actually gave a lot of insight into how teachers make mistakes with LD children! I will have to see if I can find a link for you. It was very old but helpful!

Tina said...

'Old but helpful' - hah. Let's hope they didn't show a lot of old methods like restraint, which is totally illegal now!!

Glad to hear they are trying to include them tho :)

I will bring the camera to work tomorrow to take pics around my school :)

Lee said...


You may want to show this link to whomever It is current info on Autism