Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday, Diana!

Diana is 19 today! She's looking forward to less trepidation at school this year - it was a big scary thing last year moving to her own place :) Now she's more used to it and we'll have to see how it goes with the roommies this year - she's the only one staying at the quad from last year's group.

Lee & I are also married 21 years today :) According to Lee, our marriage can drink now...

Also, happy birthday to our nephew, Jon. Those of you who attended our wedding reception will remember we all sang him Happy Birthday there when he turned six :)

Lee & I are both working all day - we have our TOPS meeting tonight, and then we'll go out to dinner as a family. On Saturday, Diana will have friends over for a sushi party. Lee & I kind of celebrated our anniversary already at Jenni & Rocky's wedding, and then we're going to Portland over Labor Day (with Connor) while Diana attends her Anime convention.

So happy celebrating!



Myrna said...

Actually Jonathon was 5 on your wedding day---26 today.

Congratulations to all celebrants!
We love you each.

keeka said...

Happy Anniversary, Lee and Tina!

Wow, Tina, for "not marrying the guy" you two have stood the test of time! Congrats!

Love you all!