Friday, August 07, 2009

Job Junk

I have one more week of Extended School Year to work in the classroom where I've worked the last four years. After that, I'm not sure where I'll be.

We had eight students last year - five full-day, and three half-day (Kindergarten). This coming year there will only be four full-day students, due to kids moving, transferring & graduating.

Last year there was one teacher, and four full-time staff, plus one part-time gal in the classroom. The reason for the high ratio is we are working one-on-one with the kids a lot of the time (it takes 45 minutes, two times a day, to just feed one of the kids). And almost all the kids are a two-person lift to get out of their wheelchairs, into their physical therapy equipment, to the bathroom, to the floor mat, etc.

I was #3 on the totem pole for seniority. The teacher & the other two gals ahead of me will stay in the classroom. They will also keep the part-time gal to cover lunch breaks & such. So my 'permanent' position is no longer necessary. The seniority thing is huge. It didn't matter that I was the only staff member that was there all year - one of the other gals was out 90 of the 170 days we had school with various family issues & illness. It didn't matter that I can work with all the kids without problems - some don't have 'the touch' needed to feed specific kids...

The other staff member & I were told we'd be moving to the Early Intervention program. It wouldn't be a big deal except they are not full-time, so they don't get insurance (I'd have Fridays off...). Then I got a call that there was an opening in the Long Term Care & Treatment program for kids with severe behavior issues. I immediately expressed interest, and went in and talked to the supervisor for that job. He had me sign a transfer form and I was told to be at the meeting on the 11th for the staff of this program. Yay! A full-time position!

Last week, I got a call from the HR department. Apparently they missed a step and are out of compliance with the union. They were supposed to offer the position to other assistants first, and then do their interviews & make a selection. So they retracted their offer to me (but I have a signed paper with the supervisor, HR person, and superintendent???).

So I get this letter that went out to all the assistants. I call the gal that sent it out & express my interest in the job I thought I had. Yesterday, I get a call from the Operations Manager, and she asks me to write a letter of interest & send it to her. I guess the OM didn't know the first gal asked people to contact her? Now I need to wait for my interview.

Here's how it's going to go: I have a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development. I have a LOT of experience with behavioral issues due to having two sons with autism - I think I can count Girl Scouts in there too - there have been MANY girls that needed extra care through the seven years I was a leader. I have the right temperament for the job & I feel very confident I could make a big difference in the lives of these kids that need this help.

The job will go to the person who has seniority over me, who found out I'd gotten this job that she was not offered. I will move to her part-time position with no insurance & less money. She doesn't have a degree, but she was hired before me. And that's how that goes.


keeka said...

That is so not fair!!!
It would never happen at our school. You would have more pull because of your degree and experience. Sometimes that makes people mad too because they feel they have been there 15 years they should stay over someone who has only been there 3 years (when lay-offs happen) even though the 3 year teacher is much more enthusiastic and continues her education to update her experience.
I am very sad that you didn't get the job you wanted. I thought it was in the bag! Maybe she won't be able to handle it and they will ask you to come in!? I will pray for your position and where God wants you to be! Love you sis!

flyingvan said...

Now is the time to play the race card, too. You are being discriminated against due to your Canadian heritage.

Tina said...

I know, eh?!

Lee said...

This is a Union thing. If you are a member of a union you loose any self worth.

The cry's of not fair would ring if someone had been on the job LONGER and did not get the position.