Sunday, August 16, 2009


I like to sew. I think it's fun to create something new in a way I get to decide. It's different from when you buy something at the store.

That being said, I can get extremely frustrated with myself, the fabric, the machine, the noise, etc. when I do pull out the old sewing machine. In fact, I tend to ask Lee to take everyone else out of the house so I can focus completely on what I'm trying to sew.

Diana is learning this. She is sewing herself a costume for her convention over Labor Day weekend. The pattern is simple enough, but the fabric is getting her frustrated. It looks the same on the front & back side, so she's managed to sew a few things on backwards, and then have to rip them out and do them over. I hate that part :p

The most difficult thing I've ever sewn was Diana's First Communion dress. I had let her choose the pattern, and while it may have been 'Easy' for an experienced seamstress, for me, it was pretty complicated. I wound up having to assign myself chunks of the directions so I could complete it in time for the photos, which were 2 weeks before the actual event ;)

Most of the time, I'm just throwing together Halloween costumes, or fixing things. I have made actual clothes to wear, and most have turned out okay. I have the least luck with things for myself - lol.

I am proud of Diana for sticking with her project. She's got her idea in mind, and she's working hard to get it done. I'll post a photo once she has it ready.

Her cos-play character is Link (from the Zelda games).

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keeka said...

Looking forward to the photos of Diana in her costume!