Tuesday, August 04, 2009

At the Wedding

The wedding of Jenni Paeth & Rocky Manning.

Click on the photos for a larger view!

Jenni is the daughter of Doreitha (Radenbaugh) Paeth. Doreitha is a cousin to Lee.

Kraig & Nancy.

Dee & Rita. Roger Davis.
Karen & me.

Myrna, Doug & Crystal.

Lee & his cousin, Mary Kay.

Rita, Dee, Donna, Jim, Crystal, Myrna, Doug, Nancy, Kraig, me, Lee, Karen, Mary Kay, Phyllis & Roger.

They had these cute mints boxes on the table. We had to 'wear' them.

All the cousins in attendence: Myrna, Lee, Donna, Kraig, Karen, Ralph, Mary Kay, (one of the twins...), Phil, Doreitha, Dee, Roger, Phyllis.

Phyllis, Phil, Mary Kay & Doreitha.


keeka said...

Wow, Lee's family is a lot like Carl's...BIG!

It looks like you guys had a blast!
I am so glad that you were able to dance and have so much fun visiting! That is kind of how things are when we go to Tahoe, although on a much smaller scale!
I haven't been to a Wyckhouse or Boettcher reunion yet so.....that would be huge!

Lee said...

That is only a small sampling.

My Mom is one of six (eight but two died as babies).

Of her siblings there are 25 cousins (30 counting Kiesters). Nearly all the Cousins are married with kids, Several of those kids have kids.

There is no way I can begin to count. But at the old family reunions crowds of over a hundred relatives would come out.

Oh, that is JUST my moms side.