Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sushi Fun

Yesterday Connie was off work, so we got to hang out.

We went for a walk in the neighborhood first, then down into town to do some banking & shopping. We got to go to a little cafe & have some lunch - mine was bread pudding & coffee - yum!

We bought groceries for the sushi stuff that evening, and went home to drop everything off. Diana had spent the night with Catherine, and she and Mikael were going to make the sushi. Connie & I took our youngest boys to the City Park, which has an outdoor water play place. We got to sit & relax on a blanket while the boys played on the slide & other equipment.

Then we headed home again, and Connie's friend showed up with her son. Diana & Mikael worked a long time, and made some really nice pseudo California rolls. Diana made them with smoked salmon, carrot, cucumber and cream cheese. They were awesome!

I only had one vodka cooler (all alcohol is only available in liquor stores, so what would be a wine cooler at home is often a vodka or other hard liquor cooler in Canada). It was called a Black Fly of all things :P We sat on Connie's balcony and I got cold after a bit so I had tea the rest of the evening. :)

Diana wound up fixing sushi for 4 hours! But it was really good!!


Re-Navy!! said...

that sushi roll sounds REALLY good! Diana needs to come down to Diego to make me some!

keeka said...

So then, you both do the fish thing? Sounds like it was yummy. Was the salmon cooked? smoked?
Anyway, sounds like you had a great time!

Daniel said...

mmm... sushi.

Tina said...

Smoked salmon. Diana used the same that is sold to use as lox for bagels (lachs = salmon in german).

But we also had smoked salmon bites - little chunks, that were SO good!! We had those on the side.

Very tasty :)