Friday, June 26, 2009

Stupid Bugs

The other day when I took Mikael (my nephew) geocaching, we were at the Mission Creek park to find caches. There's a bigger river, and then some small channels for the salmon to spawn.

We were standing in the shade, checking the GPS, and Connor was tossing leaves on one side of the bridge to watch them go under & down the channel. I noticed there were some bugs around, but I just kind of swatted at them.

Later on, I realized I had some blood on my fingers. I couldn't figure out what I had touched with blood (or what looked like blood). We didn't find the geocaches, and eventually went back to my mom's.

As we're driving back, I touch something hard on my neck & pull it off. It was like a new scab or something. More blood on my fingers.

At this point I figure out I've been bitten, but it doesn't itch or anything. There's a good-sized bump though (bigger than a mosquito bite).

When we get home, I show my mom & she claims its from a black fly. I looked them up on wikipedia, and apparently they are ATTRACTED to things with DEET. Sheesh. I wasn't wearing any Off! because I hadn't noticed mosquitoes yet. I still don't know if it was a black fly, but that wasn't the only bite.

The next day, I discovered more bites on my temple, behind my ears on both sides in addition to the one on my neck. And now they started itching.

So I've been going everywhere with a tube of Hydrocortisone cream to control the itching.

Yes, I carry hydrocortisone cream when I go anywhere, because I'm completely aware of the fact that bugs like to bite me.


Re-Navy!! said...

i do that too when i go camping....its SUCH a good thing to have!

keeka said...

Ok, so the same thing happened to me when we went Geocaching by the Nature center, where there is a beautiful shady walk. We were there and there were no bugs flying around, but i felt something fall on me and thought it was a leaf and then later on I had a lump like that and then itching. I think it might have been some sort of spider. I mean I FELT it fall on me! Glad I didn't see it! I have never been bitten where a large lump came out of it. I did have a little blood on me too, I noticed it more though when I was taking off the shirt I was wearing. Ick.

keeka said...

Oh, sorry, I didn't mention that this was also in Canada. I am sure you know where the nature center downtown is.