Friday, June 19, 2009

Diana's Skates

Since Diana's bike got stolen recently, we went ahead & ordered her some good skates so she could use them to get around college & town.

She is very cautious & needs a lot of practice.

We left later for Canada to get the skates so she'd have a couple of weeks to practice on the nice, straight streets here.

They are K2 skates, so they have a long history for the boot part, at least :)

Typical Diana, she has been watching "How to Skate" videos online to get pointers while she's learning.

Her dad will be able to help her a lot too once we get home. Hopefully she'll feel pretty comfortable & more ready to try more stuff then :)


Lee said...

Glad she is seriously working on skating.

Caution: Sammy's Mind said...

How fun! my boyfriend and I are getting skates. Well, I'm getting skates, and he's getting blades. I epically fail at roller blades. :)
We've been looking for a fun way to exercise, and I think that's it.

And yes, haha, I did read pretty far back on your blogs. I was home alone with nothing to do. :)