Wednesday, June 10, 2009

School's out for me!

I worked a partial day today, since I still had furlough time to use up. heh.

Got all checked out and came home. Lee stayed home today with Connor since he was already out yesterday, and someone had to watch him while I had to work.

So then I fixed myself some lunch, and went to catch up on some MADEs that are filling up the DVR. I think I got through 3. I fast forward through the whiny kids :P We are still taping them to try to catch Diana's episode again. I only have the one VCR tape, and it's not even at the beginning of the tape. The person who made it taped after an old episode of "Magnum, P.I." so I always have to tell people to fast forward through that first. We have the actual DVD we got from MTV, of course, but I don't loan that out to anyone. If people want to see that one, they'll have to sit on my couch to watch it :P

Then this evening I went to the potluck party dinner thing our teacher put on for us. Only one other staff member from the class made it to the party besides me. Our supervisor and a couple of therapists came too, but they all had to leave for another staff party with a different group. The other three people from our room had various other things going - one dropped a tent trailer hitch on her foot, one is dealing with an unknown mass on an MRI, and the last one got in trouble so I think he just decided not to come (new guy!). Anyway - the food was good - I made a nice Mexican Corn Salad. Super easy, very bright and pretty, and also very tasty & healthy. Home run! I had nice, sweet watermelon for dessert :)

I will update the blog over the next few days. I have time now to download pictures, etc.

Monday, Diana, Connor & I leave for Canada after UPS delivers Diana's new online skates :)


Rocky said...

So does this mean that we may see you guys soon? We miss you all.....

Sorry about the reduction of hours next term (AND the loss of insurance. Will Lee be able to get coverage through the Library?

Tina said...

They are cutting Lee's hours by 5/week as well. So, we'll do medical savings & the $1,000 deductible in case of an accident or something...