Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

It's a little odd being here in Canada with my mom & sister and no men around at all for Father's Day. I'm glad I'm here to kind of help my mom get past this holiday without my dad here with her. For Connie it's been a while longer since her kids lost their dad.

I would have liked to have had Lee here with us - I have two of the kids with me, and we called & posted stuff online, but it's different from being with their dad. We did go to breakfast last Sunday before we left to kind of celebrate Father's Day early with Lee, and Trevor & he are planning on catching a movie today. So he's with his firstborn kiddo, at least.

Happy Father's Day to Lee - a wonderful dad & husband.

Happy Father's Day to all our friends & family guys who are all great dads too.

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