Saturday, June 13, 2009

Leaving for Vacation

I am excited about going to visit my mom for a couple of weeks. I'll be bringing Diana (she isn't working or taking classes over the summer) and Connor with me. Lee doesn't have the vacation time yet, and Trevor is trying to get a job, plus he's in the chorus of "The Producers" and has rehearsals. We will leave on Monday, after UPS drops off Diana's new inline skates.

We're waiting on the skates because my mom's neighborhood is pretty flat, and then Diana can get used to them before she goes back to school in the Fall. Her bike just got stolen, and she has been wanting the skates to get around campus - plus it's good exercise ;) I don't know how well they'll work in the rain, but she can figure that out later.

I got done with work on Wednesday, and Thursday I got Connor in to the dentist for a preliminary evaluation - he has to be sedated via IV to have work done, and it had been a couple of years since the last time, so I needed to do that. I also got the car serviced for the trip. I had them restore the headlights - the plastic cover had gotten kind of beaten up with time (it's a 2000 Caravan), and made the headlights more dim - so they are nice and clear now, with a protective coat to help that last longer - yay! I had to do some prep for TOPS because I'll be gone for 2 meetings, and I had to set things up for the co-leader.

Because of the change in my hours (most likely) in the Fall, I'm also trying to get us all doctor/dentist/vision appointments through the summer so we can be all up-to-date. After September, we'll be paying out of pocket with only catastrophic coverage. Ugh. Luckily, we're all pretty healthy, and maybe Lee will even be able to get off his meds soon due to the weight loss :) Trevor will still need his prescription, and we'll have to see what we can do with that.

Friday I moved more strawberries! And a little tree. And did the weeding in the front yard. That took most of the day. I started on the piles of papers that have accumulated in the house. I need to go thru, sort the stuff that can be filed, needs attention, can be trashed, etc. It's all over the kitchen table & I'll get to that when it gets hot outside.

Our TOPS club is having a garage sale next Saturday, so I'm also going through the house and trying to sort things that we can sell that way. Lee will bring it to the sale. The old dryer is going there too :) While I'm doing that, I'm also creating a list of what I'll bring to Canada. I am going to save packing until Sunday though, after the laundry is done. I am bringing along one of Connor's mini trampolines, I think.

I still have some strawberries to move. I'm hoping Lee will be able to then get our veggie garden set for new stuff. I need to create a schedule for Trevor to water the plants so all my transplanting isn't for nothing! We have flowers on the tomatoes, strawberries ripening, and my little blueberry bush went bonkers this year :) The cherries will be coming up soon, and once I'm back, the apple tree should be loaded. I hope to go to the farmer's market once the veggie patch is ready and get that going too.

I planted flower seeds in the front planters this morning. I wonder if Trevor will keep them alive :P I'll leave to get Diana soon, and then we'll be jumping into the laundry.

See? I really need a vacation!!


flyingvan said...

Jumping into the laundry sounds fun!!!'s the clean laundry, right?

Tina said...

Somehow, I knew you would latch onto that one sentence, Steve :P

No - it's all dirty, needs washing & folding & I'm only on the second load of seven at the moment.

Don't worry - it'll all be done before we leave for Canada. :)

keeka said...

So then is the weather so hot that you need to jump into the WET dirty laundry? I mean there wouldn't be any reason to jump into dry dirty laundry! Wow, you should invest in a little wading pool, much cleaner! I mean we made up games to keep cool in the summer, but jumping into wet laundry is gross!