Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fifth Grade Graduation

There was a kinda-sorta graduation for the Fifth Graders last week at Connor's school. EVERY fifth grader attended with family. They had to go and get 40 more chairs from classrooms!
The photo is from the Repeat-After-Me song (which is the best kind of song for Connor) that all the kids learned at Camp Hancock. Even though he didn't go, he could do the song with them anyway :)
This really was a great group of kids, which is why we fought to get Connor as much time with them as possible. When we are out & about town, we often hear kids call out to him, give him hugs or high-fives, or whatever.
He brought home a scrapbook from fifth grade the other day. The teacher had collected comments from the other students in his class. This is what they wrote:
Connor is: a good friend; really funny and smart; a very good reader; helpful; a very talented person; very cool and nice; smart, kind, talented, and super sweet; cool; very smart and a great friend; funny; really good at following instructions; a very nice kid and is very smart; very funny and is fun to play with and talk to; smart; funny, never mean to people and nice; very good when it comes to manners; good at reading; very nice to lots of kids.
He will be going to a whole different situation next year for 6th grade. It's a different Jr. High than most of his peers from Eastwood, and he'll be mostly in the Resource room, vs. class with his peers. He will probably do choir with the regular kids, maybe some PE and Art with an assistant.
Lee met with the principal and the director of Student Services for the district on Monday, and he made sure the new classroom will have an assistant for Connor at the beginning of the year. That person may be scaled back if they find it's not necessary (budget cuts & all), but we're thinking they'll see the need for the assistance and keep that person in the room.
Anyway - We're on vacation now!!


flyingvan said...

In the picture at least, that kid next to Connor looks just like Connor. Do you have another kid you're not telling us about??

Crystal said...

Cute picture!

keeka said...

Really neat what they said about Connor! I mean we all know he is sweet and kind and smart, but good to know the other kids said that about him! Way to go Connor!