Friday, June 12, 2009

Daniel's Graduation

Congrats first to Daniel, youngest of Lee's sister, Myrna & hubby, Doug.
Daniel is a great guy, loads of fun, and has a great sense of humor. He is also very bright, well-mannered & just has a sweet personality. He's going to George Fox University in the Fall. And he's an honor student as well.

I think our kids have a pretty close relationship with Daniel. He's 1/2 year younger than Diana & the three of them have always gotten along very well. My kids are the oldest on the Vetter side, and the youngest on the Kiester side, and having Daniel to hang around with at all the family stuff has always been very cool.

We always enjoy when he comes to visit a few days here & there, and we hope to see more of him since he'll be driving through town whenever he goes up or back from college :)

His commencement was great. They had a comedian as the main speaker, and he was hilarious! (So much better than the evil teacher Diana had at her graduation, who talked about herself for an hour!). All Lee's sibs were at the actual ceremony, except for Karen who missed to be able to watch Connor for us (thanks again, Karen!!). We all attended the big graduation party on Sunday.
Congrats again, Daniel. I'm looking forward to watching you grow even more in college! (not in height - you're good there...)


Myrna said...

Great pictures! I love the last one of mom and dad! So glad you could come share it with us. Hope T & D's finals week was not sabotaged.

Still basking in the joy of this milestone, blessed by Daniel's growing (in all ways) and grateful for all the friends and family who have always loved and supported him and us :-)

keeka said...

Wow, awesome that most of the family could be there! I have a hard time keeping up with the huge family! All I know is that when you guys got married it was Johnny's Birthday, right? Maybe I got the name wrong.
On a side note, you are looking really great Lee! Wow, really!

Tina said...

Yes - it was Jon's birthday on the day we got married, and it's also now Diana's birthday - so the cousin's share that. I didn't get a photo of Jon for some reason. It sure was fun catching up with him after the graduation though :)