Saturday, June 06, 2009

Job Stuff

Wednesday is my last day at my current position. I'll have 3 weeks off, then work there for summer school, but that's considered above & beyond my regular job. In the Fall, I'll start at the Early Intervention classroom in the south part of the town, called the Green District.

I'm being moved because we have kids exiting our program - One graduated yesterday, one is transferring to a different placement, and two have moved away. We had 8 students this year, and there's only one new student starting up in the Fall at this point. There are two other staff in our class who have seniority over me, which is why I have to go.

The new job is with the 3-5 year-olds who are identified with some disability. Everything from physical to emotional to mental. This is where Connor went when we found out he was Autistic. The teacher I'll be working with had him for summer sessions. On the plus side, they all weigh a lot less than the kids I've been helping, so if & when I lift them, it will be easier on my back :)

There will probably be a lot more running after these kiddos, and I expect a good amount of working on not hitting, punching, biting kinds of behaviors. Whee.

I have already worked with one of the staff at that location, and I got a nice, glowing review from my current teacher to the new teacher. I don't typically have problems working with anyone. In fact, people thought I was very good friends with a person from my current room who was removed (can't talk about that) - and I was just being a decent work acquaintance. Heh.

Oh - did I mention my hours are being cut by 5 per week so I won't qualify for full-time insurance anymore?


flyingvan said...

I'm sooo glad you're working on not hitting, biting or pinching. School boards frown on that sort of thing.

keeka said...

Wow. I thought I had moving issues at work! My problem is that I want to move to another position! But as of now, I am in the same place doing the same thing. Sigh... oh well, at least I will be doing the same thing so I am prepared!