Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In Canada...

We had a good trip up. Saw some nasty accidents tho (I don't like seeing people loaded on stretchers..), and one burned-out hulk of a truck. The Coquilhalla no longer has a toll on it, which I didn't notice until I realized I hadn't had to take out my Canadian wallet yet.

The weather turned Thunderstormy. It's been sprinkling on & off since we got here, with occasional thunder rolls. I walked with Connor to the park and 10 minutes later we came back so we wouldn't get drenched by the massive black cloud that suddenly appeared!

We did go to the new YMCA pool. Yes - this is their YMCA - check the website:
H20 Swim Centre

It's $19.00 for a family pass for the day, but while we were there this morning the slides weren't open yet - then a school showed up and attendence went from 70 people to 532 (it holds over 1,000), so we headed out.

The slides are open from 3:00 to 10:00pm, so we're going back after dinner. We got our hands stamped.

Connor WILL slide!!!

The photos are of the new bridge - or as Connor likes to say "the bridge to the future!" I wanted Trevor & Lee to see the old pontoon bridge is completely gone now :)

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Lee said...

Glad you guys are having fun.