Thursday, July 03, 2008


Tonight was the first TOPS meeting in 3 weeks. I really need the weekly weigh-in to maintain my goal weight. I've mentioned before, without the accountability to the rest of the club, I would have regained back whatever I'd lost, plus (going by past efforts).

In any case, while we were in Canada, I really did try to watch my food intake, and I walked every morning with my mom pretty much. However, there was more eating out than I'm accustomed to doing, and even tho I'd order Caeser salad with salmon, it's still more calories than my typical meals at home. And I probably should have worn weights on my legs and wrists, because I never did break a sweat when I'd walk with my mom. I'm just used to a more strenuous workout.

When we got home, I used my home scale and weighed myself the following morning. I was only up a pound from when we'd left, but I'd already been kind of on the high end when we left. So we'd gotten home on a Friday night, and by Sunday, I'm another pound up on my scale (yikes!).

On Monday we started Summer school, and I decided I had to get my butt in gear and get some workouts in. I don't have trouble with the food part, because I'm used to that already. I increased my biking from 2x a week for an hour at a time (I know, I've been slacking), to 2x a DAY for an hour at a time. I've been biking after I get home around noon, and then again in the evening. Today I did both hours in one shot, because I needed to get the time in before the meeting at 5:30.

I was able to drop 4 pounds in 4 days, at least for weigh in. I was still a pound away from my maximum allowed weight. *whew* I will be up again a little tomorrow, but certainly not the 4 pounds. I will continue to bike the 2 hours a day, because during the summer I can. I really need to get to the low end of my 10-lb leeway, instead of hovering around at the top.

A side benefit is Suella has gone from level 61 to level 64 :) Whoo hoo!

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