Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Roses

While Carolyn & family were visiting, we took a tour of Harry & David. They also own Jackson & Perkins, which sells mail order roses among other things.

I went around stopping to smell the roses, and at the end of the tour, I thought it would make a nice addition to my garden.

Hopefully I won't kill them too quickly. I did look up how to plant them and did my best to give them the best environment to survive.

These are called "Memorial Day," which I thought was actually a little nod to my dad. He passed away on Canada's Memorial Day weekend, and we went to his memorial on the US Memorial Day weekend. How like my dad to make things as convenient as possible for others & giving us an extra day off of work to have more travel time.

The small plant in the middle is a lavender bush (someday) and the bigger plant on the right is my lilac bush.

This is our dopey dog, Liberty, who loves me to death. Because I feed her.

She's a good dog, but the bone meal I put in the planter to help the roses was very interesting to her. I put some on an old bone from the neighbors so she'd leave the roses alone :)


keeka said...

What a great dog you have! Give her a hug from all of us!
It is a help too, for us and the whole "getting a dog" thing. The kids would love to get a dog, then they spend time with Liberty and see how frisky and happy she is, but also how big she got and the stuff you have to deal with having a dog, and the idea is king of put on the back burner! And that is looking at a good dog! Whew! Oh, and good luck with the roses! I cannot kill my roses that I have. But they are the smaller kind, very hearty.

keeka said...

ok, so the idea is "kind" of put on the back burner! Sorry about the typo!

Tina said...

I killed some of those too...