Saturday, July 19, 2008

She's been blogged!

(by someone other than her parents!)

Some kid's blog

I'm not sure how he (she?) found out sooner than we did, but on July 10, this kid found out Diana was going to be MADE and posted on his livejournal.


Diana posted a response.

Too funny.

This is it tho - enjoy your "fame" honey :)


megan said...

omg i love her and i cryed when i say her show i just want to say your so amazing and how can i get in contact with you girl.

Lada said...

We watched the show and loved it! Diana looked beautiful at her prom. Love her new hair style too!Is she still talking to Trey? Hope to see you when you come out to Carlsbad :-) We're all looking forward to it!

Diana Kiester said...

Hey, this is Diana~

You can contact me on my deviantart account :
or my gmail: