Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mo' Money! Er... not really.

Diana had a scholarship interview last week. She wasn't sure what the scholarship was for, and never got around to asking before it was her turn for her interview (I had asked her to call).

When she finally realized 3/4ths through the interview that the scholarship was for two years at the community college (which would have been fantastic before she got the Ford Scholarship), she didn't want to tell the folks that she couldn't accept their scholarship - instead she opted to just finish off the interview and figure they probably wouldn't award it to her anyway. She didn't want to make them think they had wasted their time.

Well... she got the scholarship. She had gotten a call from the guy, but was at work at the time. She called back, but I don't think he got the message. He called us again, and Diana was at work again that time, so he just went ahead & told me she'd gotten it.

Then I had to ask if he was aware Diana had been accepted at U of O. And was there another applicant that could accept it since Diana had to respectfully decline? He said there was, and congratulated her and wished her luck.

*sigh* All this would have been avoided if she'd just asked in the beginning what the scholarship was for. I'm still proud she would have had her two years of community college paid, but I don't like having her have to turn down something like that. Oh well.

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keeka said...

Hey, just focus on the positive dear sistol! She is a smart girl and you raised her right! She will probably have a tough time deciding what classes to take! The possibilities are too numerous!
Just make sure she leaves time for fun!