Friday, July 25, 2008

Closing Ceremonies for Camp Shriver

Lee & I attended the closing ceremonies yesterday for Camp Shriver Special Olympics. Connor got a towel, a snack, and a ticket to to the local baseball team's game on Saturday.

The ceremonies were a little on the long side for him - a lot of thanking everyone, which is obviously necessary, but doesn't mean anything to him.

They had him pass a basketball back & forth with another teammate to demonstrate what he'd learned, but he was already on the upper edge of anxiousness by then, so he started off kind of teary. Once he saw Lee & I in the audience, he brightened up saying, "Hi Mom! Hi Dad!" We're all "Great job, Connor - keep moving!" lol Other folks were saying, "Go Connor! Good job!" I don't know who they were, but it tends to be the same folks associated with special needs kids when you participate with stuff like this.

I think he had a great time with the experience, and we'll certainly sign him up to do it again next year!

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keeka said...

Sounds like it was good for him! He's definitely the best lookin' kid in the bunch! He looked happy to be there! I am glad he did this, it sounds like it was a good time!