Monday, July 14, 2008

Visit with Carolyn, Part II

On Friday, we all met for breakfast at Casey's Diner. After that, Lee took Connor to the YMCA for sign-up stuff for Special Olympics (more on that later). I joined Carolyn & her family on a little trip down to Medford to tour the Harry & David's facility. They have a full tour and store there.

We called early to reserve a spot on the tour and when we arrived, we were a bit early. I'd gotten some other coordinates for another geocache, so I asked the kids if they wanted to try that. Poor little Cole had done long hikes for his first two caches, so he was not thrilled about doing another one until I told him this one was going to be right next to the car.

It would have been a very quick grab & dash, except while we had the cache in hand, a guy came back to his car parked right next to the location to eat his lunch on his break! We had to wait until he was done before we could re-hide the cache! We were pretty sure he was a Muggle, but it's also completely possible that he was the one who hid it in the first place - we'll never know!

Then it was off to the tour of Harry & David's. I don't shop there - the pears cost $5 each, and no matter how delectable they are, it's not gonna happen :P But there was a free treat on the tour, so I got to try a mint melt-away & some almond raspberry cookies which were very tasty.

They were packing the Moose Munch, and I did buy a tub container, because it was on sale by a good bit, and I'll probably never get a chance to try it that inexpensive again. Then they had some rose bush plants on sale outside, so I got a couple of those. I got to use the $5 off coupon from taking the tour, and I was happy about that too.

I think my favorite room was the one where they were enrobing the graham crackers with chocolate. YUM!!

After Harry & David's we drove back to Roseburg and wound up getting Subway & Mickey D's to have a picnic at the Holiday Inn. Then the kids all played in the pool while the adults chatted. We all headed over to our place then to have ice cream and then we had to say good-bye. Carl & Carolyn were going to check out Graffiti Night while we took Diana to her Scholarship weekend thing.

And thanks Donna for keeping an eye on the boys while we were gone!!! :)

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Re-Navy!! said...

WOW you cut your hair?! glad to know you got to visit with carolyn!!!