Friday, July 04, 2008

Fourth of July

We don't expect big fireworks shows around here. It's still legal to buy and light fireworks, which most people do. In the past, our neighbor across the street would buy $300 worth, and we'd just watch his (they were lit right in front of our house - why not?).

There was a "big" fireworks show at the fairgrounds that we never attended. We were a little spoiled by Disneyland, plus we didn't see a reason to have to drive & deal with a crowd.

Last year, the people putting on that show decided to stop doing it. They didn't really warn anyone - there just wasn't a fireworks show. People were a bit bummed because a lot of folks would attend the "big" show.

So this year, a little committee created itself to run the big fireworks show. Whoever the guy in charge was, he was good at getting donations. He got $20,000 for the fireworks show. They did it at the main park, rather than the fairgrounds, and there were concerts & all kinds of stuff available to do there.

We didn't go, mostly because that park is right next to the river, and Connor + river + crowd is not a safe idea. Trevor & Diana could have gone, if they'd thought to figure out how to get there & back, but they didn't even think about it. Maybe next year.

Instead, we got pizza for dinner, set off a few fireworks in front of the house, and then went to the three-story parking structure downtown about 15 minutes before the show was about to start.

It was pretty cool. It lasted a good half hour, which was pretty neat. Diana took pictures with her camera, and it was set for every three seconds. She has a lot of time-lapse type photos - about 350, I think. Connor enjoyed being at the top of the parking garage, and it took us all of 3 minutes to drive home after the show was over - no traffic. Just the way I like it :)

Happy Independence Day!

Thanks for being out there for us Renee - even if it *has* to be Hawaii right now :)

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Re-Navy!! said...

its not problem fighting for our country!!! i wished i could have been home instead of here in hawaii (seriously!!) i cant wait to come home!! looks like ya'll have done a lot