Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Newspaper Interview

Diana had a 20-minute interview on the phone this morning with our local paper on the "thing." Yay! That means I don't have to try to call everyone we know - w00t!

It will be either in Friday or Sunday's paper. There was a person from MTV on the line at the same time making sure nothing was said that would spoil the show (and affect the contract we'd signed with MTV to not disclose stuff to the media!).

If you're local & get the News-Review, could you save your copy for us? Thanks!!

Oh - this is on the front page of today's paper - I'll need extras of this one too please!!

Camp Shriver athlete Conner Kiester, 10, at left, runs to first base with his partner, Wryland McKnight, also 10, during a game of kickball during Tuesday's Camp Shriver activities at Stewart Park. The Roseburg boys teamed up together to compete.JON AUSTRIA/The News-Review
(Connor is actually on the right, but you knew that...)



keeka said...

Wow, cool. I swear that boy looks so happy! He was also totally happy playing with Kaleigh and Cole in the pool! I think he swallowed water a couple of times because he was smiling and laughing so much! Gotta love that!
Thanks for the fun, Tina!

Re-Navy!! said...

yes connor does look happy!! sry for not keeping up to date with the blogging!! i cant WAIT to see "the thing" i have the day off and guess what? I GET TO SEE IT 3 HOURS AHEAD!! i think....i'll have to see it and remember it..

JEMK said...

Tell Connor that he looks very fast in the picture...nice shoes!

keeka said...

Oh Hey! Didn't even notice the shoes, very cool!

Tina said...

I asked the paper to correct the error in the caption, and the photographer sent me a better copy of the photo with his apologies. So I updated this post with the newer, better photo :)

Lee said...

The thing that stands out to me is Connors expression of pure joy. This kid, freed from so much angst and peer review is such a pure soul, he constantly reminds me of what being a kid should be..