Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh My

Diana has spent all afternoon answering Fan Mail from the show.

She's had over 10,000 hits on her Life After MADE videos. People watching noticed that she was on Deviant Art on the show when she's showing her video, so they went hunting for her, and so she just put her website URL on the MADE comments so she wouldn't have to be googled :) There are a few comments here on my blog already for her ;)

The Anime/Manga community is very excited to see one of their own - and these guys honestly have a real sense of community that spans all boundaries. I got a little taste of that with Riki on the flight home from the San Diego trip. They are saying they were just flipping channels & saw the cat ears & had to watch. Wow.

Lots and lots of positive, nice comments. There are the occasional 'trolls' who are just looking to make trouble (saying they knew her, and she had a boyfriend, etc. Or that it was all scripted). None of that is true, of course. I was worried things might be edited to look different than how they actually happened, but nope - it all goes like things actually went.

It's extremely weird to have her be this popular (online, anyway - she's still sitting at the computer at home). If she had a facebook or myspace, she'd be inundated with friend requests. Our rule on that is that she has to wait until she's 18. However, she's very very excited to have so many people watching her on Deviant Art. That means every time she posts something, they'll get an email to come & take a look :)

We thought it was over now!!! It looks like this is another stage in the whole thing - gak!


ronnwaters said...

That's cool. Lee just told me about this. How fun. How do parents handle that sort of thing? Wanting to protect yet encourage yet stay out of the way while keeping an eye on them?

Tina said...

Well, I can tell you she couldn't have been more safe on her prom with 3 cameras following her through the whole event. The only time she was "alone" with her date was the limo ride home with her other friends. :)