Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canadian Geocaching

This bird's nest was right on the path along the Mission Creek. It's a well-used path. I'm not sure how smart this bird is...
"Needles" was the clue for this first cache. Mission Creek Park Of course, there were tons of needles around the area, and a lot of them were in little piles. Catherine found this one. Mikael was bummed - he is so proud of his "eagle eye."

Mission Creek Pond.
This was a microcache that was on a string, attached to this metal tubing. Why there was metal tubing there, we don't know. Aaron is trying to see what Cat found.
Catherine found this one too. I had even looked down the tube to see if anything was there - but as you can see, they used camo tape to make it hard to see the cache. Catherine noticed the string around the top and that's how she found it.
This last cache was on the far side of a spawning channel. The people who had placed it asked that no one cross the channel. We had to walk another 1/2 mile at least to find a place to cross and then go back to the coordinates.
Mission Cr. Take a rest
A few days after Catherine (yet again!) found this cache, it was retired. The next groups after us both got wet crossing the channel :( Hopefully they didn't disturb too much...

Our last trek was to the Kelowna Crags. Cedar Mountain We spent a good hour walking the trails trying to get near the coordinates. The closest we got was just under 200 ft - we were at the base of the crags. 200 feet ahead would be on the TOP of the crags. Oh well. We'll have to try for that one on another day! At least we saw some deer...


- Rob said...

From the photos, looks like a nice hiking area for finding some caches!

Please include links to the caches if you think about it so that we can see the details of the caches that you found.

There are a few caches to find around FlyingVan's place, so bring your GPSr with you in August!

Tina said...

Okay - there ya go. Links are in Pink on this page design :)