Monday, September 28, 2009


Thanks to a good staff at the dentist's office, Connor was able to stay calm enough to not need to be sedated at all :)

The tech was very friendly & smiled a lot. She explained everything she was doing, and let Connor hold a mirror so he could watch what she was working on in his mouth. She also let him hold the suction wand, even let him turn it off & on, and she'd guide his hand to where she needed it. All this helped him feel a little in control.

I sat down by his feet & held his legs. He was still shaking & quivering quite a bit - in no way relaxed, but he did a great job holding still & keeping his mouth open.

When the dentist was working on scraping the plaque of his teeth, he joked with Connor so that Connor even laughed!

This really was a great experience for Connor. There were no fillings necessary this time around, but hopefully because of what happened today, he WON'T need the full IV next time!

I'm so proud of him!!


keeka said...

Like I wrote on Lee's blog:

Yay, Connor! Yay, DQ, no yay on the dentist.

I just went and I was shocked that I had a cavity that was shallow enough to not need novacaine. Yay, me!

Tina said...

Trevor & Diana have had some of those shallow ones & they used "air abrasion" to clean them before filling.

Incidentally, Connor calls my fillings "scars." lol.