Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day weekend - Sunday

Sunday didn't go quite as planned. We had intended to go to the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) and it IS a way cool museum. It's just that when we arrived, the overflow parking was already overflowing and there was a backup of three blocks of people trying to get in there. Needless to say, that many people are not going to make for a fun outing with Connor, so we ditched that idea in favor of going to Lloyd Center again, where we still saw people from the anime convention - here's another Link, for instance :)

Connor appreciates outdoor fountains pretty well.

And the ice rink in the mall.

But what he really liked was the hotel pool. When OMSI didn't work out, we asked if he wanted to ride the train so we could take him to a different museum. He said, "No tunnel." He was pretty emphatic about it too, so we asked, "Train with tunnel, or hotel?" He answered "Hotel."
I watched him in the pool while Lee took a nap. I got to rest when Lee took him to the Family Fun Center (much like the one on Brookhurst near the Skating rink once upon a time).


keeka said...

I was wondering why you were taking a photo of a nun crossing the street! Diana's Link was much more non-nun looking! Hehe. I wonder if the girl behind the link-nun is preggers?
Weird photo sistol!
But your weekend looked way fun!

*Read my blog!

Lee said...

The middle person is wearing a Link costume. The "Nun" I believe is Miroku from InuYasha.

The final one, who knows.

keeka said...

She must be a celebrity, the way she is hiding her face...or maybe she is just embarrassed by her Link mom? Or maybe the nun mom?

Just to be clear, I just glanced at the Link hat and white sleeves and thought "Nun" not really even looking at the lady in front.
So, my bad!