Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not doing that vaccine

The vaccine for H1N1 (swine flu) apparently has Thimerisol as the preservative, which is more mercury than is safe to ingest by our FDA standards, for say, tuna.

I don't trust the results of the studies done by the pharmaceutical companies that claim their preservative has no link to autism. One court already awarded some parents who happened to have a lot of information on their child's health before & after receiving vaccines, who then was diagnosed autistic.

Since we don't fall into the high-risk categories, and the current strain of H1N1 does not appear to be as bad as last year anyway, we won't be doing a flu vaccine. We will continue to eat healthy, exercise & get enough rest. We will wash our hands a lot, and stay away from sick people as much as possible.

The latest counts I saw were that the 'normal' flu has more deaths attributed to it than swine flu. Since we typically don't even get THAT flu, I think we're okay.

I'm going to guess a lot of parents of kids with autism do not go get vaccines anymore either.


flyingvan said...

NO vaccines. They are pushing hard for the HPV vaccines for the girls; it's only effective for 3 of the 100 microbes believed responsible for HPV which can lead to cervical cancer, yet they push hard for everyone to take it. There have been nasty auto immune problems from it, even deaths.

keeka said...

All I know is that when our Mom and Dad did the flu shot they both got horribly ill. Not every time but enough to make me think hard about doing it. I am a preschool teacher and I have yet to get a flu shot. I am praying a lot during flu season, and yes, Kaleigh and Cole have had the stomache flu all of maybe 2 times in their lives. I think the last time I had the stomach flu or a stomach bug was when I was pregnant with Cole. So about 8 years ago. I wash my hands A LOT and I make sure that when the bug is around school I take Airborne and pray it passes me by.

Tina said...

Yeah - the HPV is a STD anyway - unless your daughters are active sexually, I wouldn't bother with THAT vaccine.

They weren't happy with me when I went to the Gyn because I hadn't been in 10 years. I'm all, okay - one FAITHFUL partner, no high-risk factors. I think I'm good. Guess what? I was.

My sister Connie didn't get her kids vaccinated from day one, and I thought she was being irresponsible because I'd been told all my life we needed vaccines. So her boys are fine, and mine are autistic. Her risk factors were higher than mine :/

Yeah - I'll take care of myself, and let my body do the healing. The Lord will take care of the rest.

timmer said...

i'd love to know what causes autism. but thimerosal ain't it. sorry. the scientific evidence is overwhelming.

timmer said...

there are two types of alcohol. ethyl alcohol is made from hops and grapes and makes a tasty beverage. methyl alcohol is a deadly poison. it's kinda important to keep the distinction straight.

there are two types of mercury: ethyl mercury is metabolized and discarded efficiently by everything bigger than a microbe. it makes an effective preservative. methyl mercury builds up and builds up to toxic levels where it's a deadly poison. it's kinda important to keep the distinction straight.

just in case you were wondering why the allowed mercury levels in thiomersal (ethyl) and tuna (methyl) are different.

Lee said...

Timmer we were not "wondering". Thanks for the opinion.

timmer said...

you're welcome. tina seemed to be genuinely confused about the different types of mercury. now she knows.

Lee said...

condescend much?

timmer said...

not intentionally.