Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day weekend - Monday

Our last day of the weekend, we had until 11:00 to check out of the hotel. We opted to go ahead & relax, let Connor get some more swimming time in, and take it easy.
Since Diana wasn't going to be ready to check out until around noon, we decided after we'd packed up that we would see if we could take in another new thing in Portland.
Here's the view from the Pittock House Mansion.
It was a bit hazy & rainy, so these aren't way clear.
There's that tower with the express elevator to the 30th floor Portland City Grill restaurant.
and panning a bit further to the right...
So this guy started the Oregonian newspaper. All those newspaper guys create mansions, huh?
A side view.
This is the front view.

And here's the walking trail that takes you all the way to the zoo (only a couple of miles). It's a switchback that is pretty steep, actually. We didn't do the whole thing.

Then we went to get Diana. We tried to stop for Indian food on the way home, but they were closed for Labor Day (doy). We went to Chili's instead & that was fine. Then the 3-hour drive home & that's the end of the Labor Day weekend!


keeka said...

Looks like fun! Oh and Lee's clothes look way to big for him!
I am amazed at his progress! Somehow it seems so much more drastic than yours!
Of course you did the on again off again thing for so many years, but the best thing is that you are keeping it off!

Tina said...

Yeah - we are getting the right sizes little by little, but those long short things were a recent gift from Mami... I need to take them in.

Lee has lost over 80 lbs so far now. I lost 35 - so yeah - he'd be more dramatic.

And with the help of TOPS, he should also be able to keep off the weight as well :)

Lee said...

When people ask me how I lost the weight, I answer with some horrible disease.