Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day weekend - Saturday

Lee dropped Diana off around 5:00 am. She was greeted with "OMG it's Link!!"

Lee, Connor & I went sightseeing around - starting with Fort Vancouver in Washington. This guy is making, not biscuits, but turkey & mushroom ravioli :)

In the blacksmith's shed. They had 4 forges. Pretty cool. Connor was interested a long time here.

I'm in the jail!!

My guys walking downtown - we wore our matching yellow shirts :)

Black mage, yo.

We stopped by Diana's convention to check out the costumes & such. She was popular with other people wanting to take photos with her. It was a bit much for Connor, so he kind of hid in the corner.

Speed Racer & Trixie!

In Pioneer Square, where you can catch all four of the MAX lightrail trains. Two go east/west, the other two go north/south. It's free all through downtown from Washington Park & the Zoo, all the way over to Lloyd Center mall.

The big tunnel was not Connor's favorite part - He let go of the arm strap & sat close to us until we were out again.

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