Sunday, September 27, 2009

Revenge of the Popcorn

I like popcorn a lot. I always have. While my absolute favorite is probably the Boy Scouts fundraiser - chocolate-covered toffee popcorn - I mostly eat my stove-top version.

My dad used to make our popcorn on the stove by shaking a covered pot back & forth across the electric burner. The shiny-bottomed pot wasn't used for much except making popcorn.

Years ago - I think we were in the condo still - Lee's mom had a corn-popper pot she was going to toss. I think it's an antique - but it works so well! It has a crank on the top to turn the paddle that sweeps the bottom, which is concave so the kernels are in the middle. I only use a small bit of oil, and then pop away.

I just salt the popped corn, and a large bowl winds up being about 250 calories. That's a LARGE bowl as in Tupperware big orange bowls.

In any case, the corn popper has little vent holes, just a little bigger than the circumference of a popcorn kernel. Last weekend I was popping corn, and a kernel escaped through one of these holes, and landed on top of my foot, getting wedged between my skin & my croc-style house shoes.

Once I felt it, I tried to shake it out, but it only wound up getting wedged further, a little deeper and a little deeper down the shoe. I finally kicked off the shoe, but not before the popcorn had its revenge on me.


flyingvan said...

Whenever I work overtime at a fire station, I make caramel corn. NOT low-cal by any stretch, but it's all ingredients found in any station---popcorn, oil, butter, brown sugar, white sugar, pancake syrup (in place of corn syrup) and baking soda.
Sorry you had to pay the price though

Re-Navy!! said...

oh i am sorry about your foot! Cute nail polish though!

keeka said...

I say the crocs were in on it!

Tina said...

Steve, I would eat any popcorn you make any time. Sounds delish!

Nae - I like it too - Sally Hansen Chrome :)

I love my crocs! I just won't wear them out of the house :P