Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun Diana thing

There's a website called FML (teens & 20's view this a lot - you can figure out what the acronym means) where people can post incidents showing how awful their life is. It's like a text version of funniest home videos, but maybe not so family-friendly. They have recently included illustrated FML's. Diana sent one in, and it was featured today. Published again!

Click the comic to see it larger.

If you want to see it full-size, click on this link:

Disclaimer: Diana knows this site is visited by trolls - people who post really negative nasty comments. Please don't read them - they would depress you. Don't worry - Diana won't read them either. The people who like it enough will go to her site to compliment her more directly :)

She was just happy to have her comic viewed so much.


timmer said...

fan club!?!?! sheehs. i've been blogging for 6 1/2 years and i don't have a fan club. sheehs. i must be aiming at the wrong market. heh.

you go girl. diana for president.

Lee said...

Wouldnt she have to be a community organizer first? Does a fan site count?

Tina said...

Tim, you need to MADE by MTV before you get a fan club - and then it's only if your episode turns out well (believe me, I've seen a number now that are just depressing!).

The facebook fan club is called
"Diana Keister fan club" - with our last name spelled incorrectly.

If your last name isn't "kiester" you can join if you wish. We are not joining because it will be too easy for the fans to link through us to Diana's actual facebook that she uses with her pseudonym.

Because some fans are scary...