Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Interesting work

Since Labor Day weekend was over, I've been working in a different position than the job I just got not long ago. Turns out another gal that does the job I used to do, only at the High School level, is recovering from foot surgery. She can't really do the duties of her job yet.

I had been getting to know the school & my new teacher, but we still did not have students assigned to us yet (they have to go through Mental Health & jump through hoops in meetings, etc. before they're assigned to our classroom). I was working on decorating the room and such - learning the computer programs and reading & math stuff so that I could jump in once the students started arriving.

Anyway - as that gal was having to ice her foot after taking her student out on a walk, I was called on Labor Day (Labor Day! 4:00pm!!) at home, pretty soon after we'd gotten in from Portland by my supervisor. He told me the situation, and asked if I could go to work at the High School on Tuesday. He wasn't even sure what time I would start & had to ask his High Schooler kid... So I said okay, sure. Glad to help.

I get there on Tuesday morning to find I'm slated to work there until the 23rd - wow. Wasn't expecting that! Then I find out the gal I'm replacing was not asked if she was okay with the exchange (she went to do my job, but now she's sewing for the occupational therapist).

I am working with BIG kids with behavioral issues, pretty low on the mental level, and actually putting into practise the training I recently got to 'evade & escape' if necessary. So far I'm injury-free, but now the kids are starting to getting colds, and that always hypes up the behaviors :/

But, I'm in there at least until the 23rd. If my actual class starts getting students, however, I'm supposed to go back there. There is someone from my old job who knows a lot of these big kids, and she's been told she'll replace me when I need to go - I'm glad about that.

As it is, Connor has a dental appointment at the end of the month & I'll need to take a day off for that - they have to put him completely under and then they do everything at once. The following day I have a full day training for my job, so those are already two days they will need to get someone in to cover for me :) I hope I'm already at the 'real' job by then.


Lee said...

If nothing else the "defense" training did make you a bit more aware of behaviors. Being proactive does the best for avoiding said injury.

keeka said...

Wow, and I thought my four year olds were grabby! I bet you get more stomped toes and pinches and bites than I do! Not that they do some of said things on purpose. Sometimes it is just not wise to wear open toed shoes! "Ouch, that was my foot there sweetie!" Mostly the aggressive behavior is focused on another child and not me, so ....

Tina said...

Yes - one of the boys gave me a 'flat tire' and killed my favorite sandals. I still have to see if I can fix them somehow :( It wasn't intentional, but I've worn Danskos & tennis shoes since.